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About Ben Lexcen Marine Brokers

Ben Lexcen Marine (WA) was named after the late Ben Lexcen, the official designer of the Amercia's Cup yacht Australia II. Ben Lexcen Marine opened its doors on the 1st July 1990. Founding company directors Andrea and Tony Lyndon-James established an excellent reputation throughout Australia.

Our management appreciate and recognise the generosity of the Ben Lexcen family allowing us to incorporate the use of the Ben Lexcen name.

Our marketing and advertising strategies put Ben Lexcen Marine (WA) to the forefront of the boating industry in Western Australia; we are now employing new marketing and advertising strategies to emphasize the new relationship Ben Lexcen Marine has to offer with a variety of vessels including Yachts, Catamarans, Powerboats, Houseboats and Commercial vessels and Licences just to mention a few.

Corrado Facchini is the new Principal and Managing Director of Ben Lexcen Marine Brokers, Fremantle Boat and Midwest Marine Brokers in Western Australia. Based in Fremantle, Corrado brings a wealth of experience into the Boating Industry, having worked in the family Rock Lobster Industry, along with many years experience in the marketing of vessels over a period of 30 years.

Corrado's trusted sailing guru Roko Katnich has extensive club racing experience, has participated in many offshore races including 3 Sydney to Hobart races. He recently returned from a 13 years around the world sailing adventure.

If you choose to do so, you can talk to us about yachts, power boats, commercial boats and licences in the full knowledge that we have many years of practical experience in these matters.

Please feel free to contact us and we welcome your inquiry.

Our mission is to provide quality, traditional service in a new and refined fashion; we market all boats, big or small, in the manner they deserve.

Dominator Yachts

Ben Lexcen Marine Brokers has been appointed Distributors to sell Dominator Yachts in Australia. Founded in 1999, the shipyard is based in Fano {Italy} and offers a range of top quality motoryachts. Our exclusive models stand out for their high production quality, reliability and sailing comfort.

Each model is designed and produced through the close working relationship between a team of international top-designers and the shipyards technical office which covers all the engineering features of the yacht development and building process.

The Dominator philosophy is to design and build custom-made yachts. Owners can make their yachts unique, in keeping with their way of understanding and experiencing the sea. This is possible by means of special technical and furnishing solutions, and the use of valuable materials and top quality finishes, enabling the shipyard to satisfy an extensive range of different expectations and demands. Typically Italian styling and design are combined with Dominator's custom-made spirit and the soundness and reliability of the yachts: an incomparable match.

Class, glamour, seduction and prestige, in one word "Dominator".

Dominator is the only European Boat Builder who is building their vessels to the Royal Institute of Naval Architects {R.I.N.A.} Certification ''A'' standard, as they have included extra carbon fibre laminates throughout the hull construction. Design Category ''A'' is considered to be designed to operate in winds of Beaufort Force 10.

Today, the Dominator fleet comprises yachts 620-640-680-720-780-860 and 880, and ships 29M to 40M and larger upon request.

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